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The first 2024 strategy of public offering is coming: firm Chinese market is at the "new round of bull market starting point" Caixian News Agree

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The一线资讯 first 2024 strategy of public offering is coming: firm Chinese market is at the "new round of bull market starting point"


  Caixian News Agency for less than 10 days away from 2024, the first public offering of investor strategy in 2024 has come.

  A few days ago, around the global macroeconomic situation, investment market trends in 2024, A -share Hong Kong stocks and fixed income investment opportunities, as well as new energy, medicine, golden precious metals and other fields, in the 2024 investment strategy meeting of Qianhai Open Source Fund, the fund manager startedIn -depth interpretation of all aspects.At present, the positive factors in various fields are continuously accumulated. Qianhai Open Source Fund shouted again, and the Chinese market is at a "new round of bull market starting point."

  The market has traveled in the fluctuation since the fourth quarter, and the macro policy support, and the continuous entry of multi -funded funds in various ways. Earlier, Wang Hongyuan, who had repeatedly spent at a critical time node, once again sounded.He believes that the current stock market points and RMB exchange rate points are seriously not matched with our economic fundamentals, and they are seriously underestimated.Winning the front -line charge for this battle.

  Li Qiang, chairman of Qianhai Open Source Fund, also pointed out that China's macroeconomic economy is also recovering. In the first three quarters, domestic GDP increased by 5.2%year -on -year, ranking among the best in major international economies.Not only that, the signs of the macro field are also transmitted to various micro -fields.The most obvious thing is that under the low market and policy blessings, important market participants such as Huijin Company, insurance funds, listed companies, and asset management institutions have gradually increased their efforts to enter the market.

  Active self -purchase is a proof that the public offering industry has firmly regarded doing more markets. Since August this year, many public fund companies and securities asset management institutions have opened a new round of self -purchase. With the actual actions of real gold and silver, we have supported China to support Chinacapital market.As of November 2nd, the total purchase amount of more than 30 public funds and brokerage asset management has exceeded 2.8 billion yuan.Li Qiang said that as of the end of August this year, Haiki Open Source Fund and subsidiaries have subsidized a total of nearly 300 million yuan in 2023.Coupled with the 280 million yuan purchased in the second half of 2022, the total amount of self -purchased self -purchases of Qianhai's open source since September 2022 is close to 580 million yuan, ranking among the top in all public fund companies.

  Wang Hongyuan: China is determined and confident

  Multi -China is due to the long -term confidence in China's economy.The inherent foundation of this confidence comes from a comprehensive analysis of the current game pattern of great global powers.Wang Hongyuan's sharing is particularly noticeable. He publicly developed public development in multiple markets such as 2022, 2014, and 2018. Seeing the accurate research and judgment of multiple A -shares made him one of the "legend" of the market.

  After leaving the chairman of Qianhai Open source last year, Wang Hongyuan appeared as a company's strategic consultant, and made a comprehensive analysis of the current environment and challenges of the current A shares.Our economic fundamentals are seriously not matched and seriously undervalued. "

  Wang Hongyuan said that as early as 1997 in the Asian financial crisis, the Hong Kong financial market was impacted by international speculative capital. At that time, with the support of the central government, Hong Kong fought a beautiful counterattack.After this battle, overseas hedging funds, short capital, etc. have been short -term and systematically short -term and systematically short.However, recently, the situation of singing in the air of China, RMB exchange rate, and listed stock assets seems to have looked up.

  Wang Hongyuan said that in the past, in the past, Chinese assets have been relentlessly sold by peripheral funds, including A -share Hong Kong stocks, as well as Chinese stocks in the United States, Shanghai -London GDR, which are listed in London, Frankfurt, and Switzerland.Wang Hongyuan believes that these short -term power mechanisms should first transmit the exchange rate of the RMB from the US dollar index and the US dollar, and then to the futures index related to Chinese stocks such as the US -China stocks and the A50 and Hong Kong stock indexes of the night market, and then transfer it to the Hong Kong stock market.Finally, it is passed to A shares.

  Wang Hongyuan further analyzed that China's economic growth has slowed down, and short -term challenges and difficulties exist objectively."But after all, we still have 5%of GDP growth. The real economy of the Chinese real economy itself is not so bad, and the prospects are still optimistic. It can be said that the level of the stock market that the fundamentals of the Chinese economy can support, Hong Kong stocks' 17664 points, as well as the United States China Stock Exchange Index. The current stock market point and RMB exchange rate point are seriously not matched with our economic fundamentals, and they are seriously underestimated. "

  Based on the above -mentioned prediction, Wang Hongyuan said that social security, insurance, funds, securities firms and other asset management institutions, listed companies, Huijin companies and other subjects are the front -line charge for winning the financial defense campaign.

  Bright look: China's capital market is at a new round of bull market starting point

  In response to investment opportunities in the Chinese market in 2024, Qianhai Open Source Fund Deputy General Manager, Chairman of the Rights Investment Decision Committee Qu Yang, Chief Economist Yang Delong of Qianhai Open Source Fund, He Yan, managing director of the Fixed Income Department of Qianhai Open Source Fund, also others, and others, alsoPerfect the pulse analysis.

  Qu Yang believes that the current "new round of bull market" investment in China's equity investment is full of hope for the future.The current combination of China's economy and the Fed's monetary policy, whether it is A shares or Hong Kong stocks, is increasingly beneficial to Chinese assets.Whether it is A -share or Hong Kong stocks, it has the bull market foundation in the current macro environment."From the perspective of the bottom perspective, there are currently many industries in many companies in the valuation level of low valuations. There are still relatively large growth space in the long run. The supply and demand relationship is gradually getting better, and there are many market investment opportunities."

  First of all, after the stage of adjustment of the Chinese economy, and after the Fed's tightening process that has not been encountered for decades, the Chinese economy has stabilized and is in the early stages of rising.The Fed's tightening monetary policy is also getting closer to the inflection point from tight to pine.