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State Administration of Radio, Film and Television: TV ushered in new operations, making TV operations simpler and more convenient

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Original title: State Administration of Radio,Latest News Film and Television: TV ushered in new operations, making TV operations easier and more convenient

With the introduction of the new TV operation standards of the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television, TV operations ushered in a brand new look.This new standard makes operations easier, and it can be easily used for the elderly.After turning on the default setting of full -screen live broadcast, it will make users more convenient to operate.

First of all, the new standard stipulates that the boot time of the smart set -top box is not more than 35 seconds, which will reduce the waiting time and make the operation smoother.

Secondly, the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television requires cable TV operations agencies to provide simple, friendly, convenient and fast operation.This measure aims to meet the needs of the public, make TV operations easier, and more in line with people's use habits.

Furthermore, a series of reforms and optimizations of the TV operating system make the operation simpler and intuitive, especially for elderly users, these reforms reduced the difficulty of using TV.For example, the new operation interface design is intuitive and simple, the remote control design is humane, and the introduction of intelligent voice recognition functions also provides convenience.These have made TV a home entertainment center that users can easily use in all ages.

In general, the implementation of new operation standards makes the TV operation easier and humane.This change will undoubtedly reduce the difficulty of TV operations, which will have a positive impact on the daily life and entertainment of the public.