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Strong quality increase skill, forging articles of special monopoly iron army broadcast articles

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In recent years,hotly discussed information the Tobacco Monopoly Bureau of Chuxiong Prefecture in Yunnan Province has focused on building a high -quality team's goal to further promote the transformation and upgrading of the special monopoly management team in the state, and strives to create a monopoly management team with political firmness, strict discipline, solid work style, and winning the battle.Realize the high -quality development of Chuxiong tobacco to inject "source living water" and provide talent support.

Law enforcement officers carried out law popularization.Photo by Zhang Jingmei

Strengthen the top -level design and let the "new journey" burst into new momentum

Strengthen the activation of top -level design.In the first half of this year, the Chuxiong State Tobacco Monopoly Bureau clutched the "beef nose" of the special monopoly management team to choose and employment., The transformation goals, key tasks, main measures, organizational implementation and other aspects, through extensive and in -depth investigations and research, formulate and introduce the "Implementation Plan for the Transformation and Upgrade of the Chuxiong State Monopoly Management Team", in order to continuously improve the management team management and grass -roots institutions as the aspects of the aspects of the specialty.Grab the basic work of the transformation and upgrading of the monopoly management team steadily and orderly.

Improve the morale of the evaluation mechanism.Explore the establishment of the "horse racing mechanism" of monopoly management work, and constantly build a perfect system of responsibility, task list, reward and punishment method, and form a benchmark management model of "top -level leadership, grassroots to undertake".Less is different, those who can do more, work more ", stimulate the responsibility and execution of the monopoly team, and promote the work style from" I want me "to" I want to do ".Carry out the premium reviews of "Excellent Dedicated Managers" and "Excellent Dedicated Management Innovation", focusing on the combination of spiritual incentives and material incentives to stimulate the work momentum of monopoly personnel.

Stay on human resources and let the "old team" show a new look

The party building leads the foundation.The Chuxiong State Tobacco Monopoly Bureau gives full play to the leading role of party building, actively builds a new pattern of "party building+monopoly management", refined party members into backbones, forged backbones to cause party members, and make the monopoly management front a "training ground" of grass -roots party branches.With the "three meetings and one lesson" system as the starting point, combined with the characteristics of monopoly management work, innovative learning forms, build a learning carrier, persistently use the party's innovative theory, guiding practice, and promoting work.A solid and winning monopoly team.

Strong service demonstrates responsibility.With "Party Building+Volunteer Services" as the starting point, it successively carried out volunteer service activities such as "guarding the healthy growth of the healthy growth of minors" and "I do a practical business for retailers".To solve annoyance, worry, and worry about the masses, help the "I do practical things for the masses" practice activities are normalized and long -term.

Courage to innovate development momentum.Focus on innovation and development, grasp the key problems with traction, representativeness, and universality, and effectively solve the problem of "disconnection and demand" of party building and business integration.In the past three years, there have been 8 QCs, 8 project research, and 12 papers. Two of them have won the third prize of Chuxiong State Tobacco Monopoly Bureau, which further promoted the deep integration of party building and business.

Over the years, Chu Xiongzhou Tobacco Monopoly Bureau has continuously explored and improved the "human resources activation mechanism", and has taken a way to educate, choose, and use talents.In terms of education, young employees are encouraged to join the QC group and participate in innovative projects to carry out research to fully tap the potential of the team.Carry out the "Passing Belt" activity, arrange the exquisite business and experienced veteran comrades "one -on -one, handle the handle" to help new employees grow.In terms of selection, we can absorb multiple positions in college students, forge the "iron shoulders" and cultivate "multi -faceted hands".Implement the real -work exercise system of "upper and lower factions" of outstanding experts. Through the exchange experience and two -way communication, the grass -roots monks "look up" and improve the level of macro decision -making;experience.In terms of "use talents", we will implement the competition to improve, and improve the ability of young cadres to actively discover the work "symptoms" and think about solving problems; tailor -made career development plans to guide college students and employees to take root in the first line and stand for a long time.

Due to the aptitude, he taught the elite soldiers.In response to the actual situation of the Chuxiong tobacco monopoly team, the comprehensive quality improvement training system of "ideological tempering, political experience, practical exercise, and professional training" is established to effectively improve the business capabilities of monopoly managers at all levels.In terms of improvement of the quality, with the principle of "job classification, demand division, and organizational layers", it forms a normalized training mechanism of "learning once and taking a test" every year to comprehensively improve the quality of all employees.In terms of activation capacity, explore the formation of a high -quality backbone team composed of a trainer, monopoly manager, and business backbone to conduct a team of "research, teaching, guidance, and evaluation" to achieve a small team activated the large team.In terms of enhancement, practical drills such as the identification of authentic and fake smoke, simulation case handling, simulation permit, etc., through the method of "theoretical learning+case discussions+practical training", the full -time combat concept is integrated to empower the practical ability.

Optimize the organization and let the "old foundation" rejuvenate new vitality

To strengthen the "big and strong" inspection team to realize the depth of "point".The investigation of the major cases and online cases must be completed by the large and strong inspection teams.The Chuxiong State Tobacco Monopoly Bureau seized the "central nervous system" of the organization to build this "central nervous system", refined job management, reshaped the workflow, and promoted the movement of the case to the state bureau., Establish an audit organization model of the "State Bureau Inspection Detachment -County Bureau Inspection Brigade -Management Office Institute of Evaluation" to achieve a combination of verticalization and flattening.

To strengthen the "small and fine" city management team to achieve the coverage of "face".Strengthen the "two cigarettes" market supervision, and the special monopoly management institute has a pivotal role.Since 2019, the Chuxiong State Tobacco Monopoly Bureau has planned to integrate 23 monopoly management plans on the basis of 32 monopoly management offices in the state.Personnel departments were resolved by the targeted recruitment of college students at that time.

Adhere to the principles of "getting close to the market to strengthen supervision and get close to customers to strengthen services", and provide guarantee for normal operations in management institutions from functional positioning, job responsibilities, and management systems, and promote market supervision responsibilities to sink to grassroots management institutions.Main business standards such as curing party building work, market supervision, government service, internal supervision, assessment and evaluation, risk prevention and control, etc., provide business guidance for the daily work of the management office.

The data analysis team of "wisdom and special" is done to play the role of "line".In the Internet era, professional analysis teams are essential.The Chuxiong State Tobacco Monopoly Bureau actively explores the construction of a joint tobacco -related intelligence research and judgment room jointly jointly established with the public security and postal departments to strengthen intelligence sharing and improve the efficiency of synthetic combat and project strike.Take digital empowerment information inspections, clue warning, intelligence guidance and other links, and do a lot of police closely cooperating with "precise guidance" to "precise guidance", changing "case strikes" into "large -scale annihilation", and increasing investigation of smoke -related cases.Level and efficiency.