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Is the world's largest coal field formed?The coal seam is 1 kilometer thick, extending thousands of kilometers!

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Nowadays, every country is developing, and the development and utilization of new energy has also become an important problem. As an indispensable resource, coal is still the most used and consumed substance.

It is necessary to know that coal is unspeakable resources, which will mean that the use of coal is limited. With the continuous research of scientists, a conclusion that shocked the world was formed by plants.

It is reported that the thickness area of the coal seam reached 1 kilometer, the extended area is thousands of kilometers, and it is surprising that this is the largest coal field in the world.It is infinitely the development of coal resource development.

Is coal really formed by plants?Why are people so high for the utilization rate of coal?

Is coal formed by plants?

Coal is part of our daily life and is also unable to renewable resources. However, due to the continuous exploration of scientists, everyone unexpectedly learned that coal is the news of plants.

People before they even mixed coal and stones. Because their appearance was very similar, some of them thought that coal evolved from stone, but the result was not the case.

If you observe the coal carefully, you can clearly see the pattern of some plants on its surface. If they are placed under the microscope, the root part of the plant will be seen.

In fact, coal is indeed formed by plants, but one thing that needs to be known is that it is not formed by ordinary plants, but formed by ferns 200 million years ago.

At that time, the earth's resources were very rich. Not only did the air quality very good, but also the fern plant with more than ten meters. Under the growth of these plants, the bare flat bottom evolved into a vast forest.

However, due to the crustal movement and volcanic eruption, these fern plants are gradually extinct, and they are buried underground with many prehistoric animal bodies. You must know that the underground air was originally very thin.high.

It is in this environment without air that after hundreds of millions of years of evolution and pushing these fern plants, it has undergone tremendous changes in its appearance. Due to the long period of backlog and chemistry, they have formed a kind of black blackThe combustible substance is the coal we often call.

At that time, the most famous coal in my country was Fushun Coal Mine. In the process of mining coal, people even found a large amount of amber, and they could clearly see the internal insect shape.

After verification by scientists, these ambers are substances secreted by the juice of trees, so combined with the external characteristics of coal, the coal is obtained by the remarks formed by plants and laid the foundation for the later use of coal.

The distribution of coal is very broad and the most commonly used resource capacity. It is mainly divided into four types: tobacco, non -tobacco coal, lignite and sub -cigarette coal. Among them, the country with the largest amount of coal ownership is mainly concentrated in China, the United States, and Australia.

Secondly, the purpose of coal is very wide. It can be used not only for power generation, but also for resource development. It is the simplest substance for use and operation.

And people can also extract metallurgical oil from coal. It is coal tar. Don't look down on this coal tar. It can extract tens of thousands of chemical products, which belongs to the "ceiling" existence.

Although people's demand for coal is relatively large, its difficulty of mining is prohibitive. For example, Russian countries, their countries mainly include lignal and tobacco coal, and they are also large numbers. However, there is no skilled mining technology.It belongs to the typical "medium unused".

The mining of coal is not easy, and it takes a long time. The general mining method is mine mining and open -air mining. People can make mining according to the depth of the coal. It must be accurate.

And in the process of mining, coal also has huge damage to nearby buildings. First of all, it will cause ground depression. This will severely damage the land resources and reduce the water level.

Secondly, the serious consequences of coal mines are not only harmful to people's lives, but also cause local economic losses, and these are unpredictable, and the disaster problems are also very frequent.

According to statistics, in the previous period of time, about 200 mines in my country were drowned, which caused casualties and economic losses, even in the later stage.

Even if the technology is skilled, it still cannot escape such incidents. In order to ensure everyone's safety, my country has launched a series of defensive measures and will be surveyed with instruments in advance to check whether the structure in the mine is stable. Once discovered, it is discovered The data in the mine will stop working immediately.

The importance of coal development to humans

Coal is the most important energy industry in my country and an important part of my country's economy. It not only affects the fundamental development of our country, but also affects the development of all over the world. It has even played a certain role in promoting the development of society.

It was originally the main tool of people's warmth in winter. No matter how long it has been, people's demand for coal has only increased, and it has obtained a variety of uses of coal during the subsequent development process.

And today's coal is an energy fuel. First of all, it can be generated by power generation. This is a fast and labor -saving way. Some areas will also use non -tobacco coal. This will not cause harm to the environment.It can't be reduced.

Secondly, it is used in light industry and oil refining. It is necessary to know that the cost of electricity now is very high, while coal saves fun resources in industrial development.Help industrial machines quickly generate electricity.


In fact, whether it is coal or oil, it is very important for people's daily life, and it is also an indispensable part. The world has such resources to make our economy more prosperous.

However, it is worth noting that these are non -renewable resources, so the country has repeatedly advocated energy -saving and carbon discharge. This is also conducive to improving everyone's awareness of environmental protection. It will also make everyone know that the resources are hard to come and save resources.