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More than 2,000 beds are rented at low prices!Attachment, please →

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In recent years,热门新闻 Xuhui District has continued to increase the construction of affordable leased housing, and builds a multi -level rental housing supply system for "one bed, one house, one house," has achieved great results.

As far as the "one bed" project is concerned, as of now, Xu Hui has raised more than 2,000 beds and created a number of special projects -firefighters' home, sanitation employee home, medical home, courier brother homewait.

"In order to alleviate the structural contradictions of housing supply and crack the pain points of the basic service industry to rent a house 'far, expensive, and difficult', Xu Hui focuses on focusing on the bottom line of people's livelihood, basic people's livelihood and quality of people's livelihood.'Supply structure. "The relevant person in charge of the District Housing Management Bureau introduced that Xu Hui has increased the scale of" one bed "housing through the method of reconstruction of non -residential stock housing and other methods.There is a living security guarantee.

The latest "South Railway Station Huijia" public rental housing project (formerly known as Lotte Public Rental House), which is completed and put into use, is one of the typical examples.Recently, the reporter came to No. 385 Laohumin Road, where the project was, and visited Xuhui's "one bed" on the spot.

"Southern Station Huijia" is an independent park with a total construction area of 9094 square meters and a total of 205 houses, providing 404 "one bed".The design style of the room is mainly simple and warm.

Among them, 150 are single rooms, equipped with independent bathroom facilities, stoves, washing machines and other furniture appliances.In addition, 55 are dormitory housing, including barrier -free single rooms, four -person rooms on the upper and lower shops, four -person rooms, and six people.The public area on the first floor has a shared kitchen and washing room to meet the daily needs of tenants.

In the shared kitchen, the reporter met Mr. Xian, who was preparing for dinner.He is a front -line employee of Xuhui Sanitation Corporation. Although he has just moved, he has just been moved, but the "good" of the "South Railway Station" is like a few treasures: furniture and appliances are all new, the accommodation environment is good, the rent is not high, and the application process is also very convenient ... salty is also very convenient ...My husband told reporters that if he doesn't want to cook, he can also eat in the community cafeteria in the park. "It is 100 meters away from the dormitory."

"South Station Huijia" not only provides a comfortable accommodation environment for tenants, but also builds a reading room, training base, party and mass service center, community cafeteria and other living facilities in multi -functional comprehensive buildings to manage urban builders in the new era.The person created a convenient and warm community.

How to apply for Xu Hui's "one bed"?The staff of the District Housing Management Bureau said that the individuals who apply for the application must meet the two basic access conditions at the same time, and then apply for it by the enterprise.

The individual applied must be employed and working in Xuhui. The family in the 7 central urban areas of Puxi and the Pudong New Area (within the outer ring) of the family is less than 15 square meters.The per capita housing building area of the family is verified according to the applicant and spouse and children owns property rights and leased public housing.

The registered place for Xuhui can apply through two ways: online and offline.Log in online through the "Applying Citizen Cloud" APP or applet, search for "Xuhui flagship store", and click to enter, find a talent settlement entrance to enter the application listing.You can go to the third floor of No. 466 Shang Middle Road to handle business and call 54820201 to consult.

In addition to the "one bed" project, Xuhui District also has a variety of low -rent housing, public rental housing, and rent -protection houses.The specific information of these projects will be introduced in detail in subsequent reports.If you have any questions, you can leave a message in the comment area below. The reporter will collect the concerns of the readers of residents and invite the staff of the District Housing Management Bureau to concentrate.

Reporter: Yang Yixiu, Liu Xiaojing

Edit: Geng Jieyu