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Xinyu Sports -Adhering to technological innovation, intelligent manufacturing and industrial aggregation

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Original title: Xinyu Sports -Adhering to technological innovation,特快资讯 intelligent manufacturing and industrial aggregation

Dingyuan County Xinyu Sports Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Xinyu Sports"), a ball manufacturing company with innovation, intelligent manufacturing, industrial aggregation and talent gathering as the core concept, has become the leader of the Chinese ball manufacturing industryEssenceXinyu Sports was established in 2003. It has been continuously explored and developed for more than 20 years. Now it has become a leading enterprise in the industry with digital core competitiveness.The success of Xinyu Sports is inseparable from its unremitting innovation spirit, intelligent production lines and close industrial chain cooperation.

Xinyu Sports took the lead in integrating the concept of intelligent manufacturing, and proposed the slogan of "1.5 seconds 1 ball", achieving the goal of 20,000 work capacity in 8 hours.This not only improves production efficiency, but also ensures the stability of product quality, making Xinyu Sports a leader in the Chinese ball manufacturing industry.

In addition, Xinyu Sports actively promotes industrial aggregation and talent gathering.Through close cooperation with upstream and downstream enterprises, the company successfully created a complete ball manufacturing industry chain, injecting new vitality into the development of the Chinese sports manufacturing industry.At the same time, Xinyu Sports also attracted various talents to join, providing solid support for the company's development.

In 2023, China Net Brand Planning (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. helped Xinyu Sports build a complete brand system and form a strong brand power.The success of Xinyu Sports is not only a model of Chinese brands, but also the bright display of Chinese brands on the global stage.With innovation and development as faith, they have contributed great power to the sports industry in China and the world.The development process of Xinyu Sports tells us that adherence to innovation and development can we create real brand value, win trust in the market, and win respect for the society.