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Health Weekly 丨 Discover jaundice, cognitive rehabilitation, chronic disease treatment ... "Digital Doctor" came to you

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  Hainan Daily reporter Ma Ke

  If you are sick,热门事件 in addition to giving medicine to the conventional prescription for medicine, doctors may also issue a "digital prescription": let you download a mobile application (APP) for disease treatment.Mobile phone applications can also become a special "drug", or exist alone, or combine with traditional drugs, bringing more efficient and more personalized treatment methods.Digital therapy is gradually flying into the home of ordinary people in Hainan.

  Since the General Office of the Hainan Provincial Government released the "Several Measures for the Development of the Digital therapy Industry" in Hainan Provincial Government's General Office on October 10, 2022, in just over a year, Hainan has taken the lead in the field of disease screening, prevention and treatment in China in China"Digital"+"Medical" practice.

  The end of 2023, the bell of the new year is about to ring. Let's take a look at how digital therapy is HainanBring practical medical benefits.

  "Fire Eye Golden Eyes" Knowing Jaundice Newborn's Portable "Detection"

  A year ago, digital therapy seemed to be a fresh concept."How to see a doctor with numbers?" Many public also issued such questions.A year later, digital therapy has been "unveiled" in front of many people in Hainan, and uses its own strength to change the traditional medical mode.

  In the obstetric ward of the Women and Children's Medical Center in Hainan Province, Mr. Lin's baby was just one day. At this time, the head nurse of the Ministry of Preparation of the Ministry of Preparation, Mr. Feng Juan taught Mr. Lin to download a mobile app and gave him a color card.

  Under Feng Juan's guidance, Mr. Lin and his baby felt the use of digital therapy for the first time.He only needs to put the color card on the baby's forehead and use the corresponding mobile app to align the color card. After capturing the accurate information of the mobile phone software, the jaundice will be generated and sent to Mr. Lin's mobile phone.At this time, there was a red reminder on Mr. Lin's mobile phone. "The results of the jaundice test entered the high risk range, please immediately take the medical treatment for testing."

  After seeing the prompt information, Feng Juan immediately arranged for the baby for further examination. The doctor conducted the baby accordingly according to the results of the inspection.

  Wang Honglin, director of the Department of Preparation of the Preparation of the Preparation of Women and Children's Medical Center in Hainan Province, said that neonatal jaundice is one of the most common diseases in the period of newborns. Within one week of newborn births, 90%of premature infants and 85%of full moon children will appear will appearJaundice of different degrees.Although it is very common, jaundice has the characteristics of high incidence, high hospitalization rate, and high residual rate. Parents should pay full attention."Newborn jaundice mostly appeared on the 2nd to 3 days after birth, and the peak reached the peak on the 4th to 6th day, but in the past, pregnant women and babies did not observe the effective way to observe the baby's jaundice after they were discharged home. They could only observe the baby's skin color by the naked eye.Once the judgment is wrong, it will cause delays to the condition. "Wang Honglin said that this not only plagued the parents, but also made the doctor feel helpless.

  With the application of digital therapy, in the obstetric ward of the Women's and Children's Medical Center in Hainan Province, the baby parents will use this jaundice to monitor the software to monitor the baby's jaundice value by themselves, and to make a review of jaundice according to the prompts.Judgment.

  Fan Lichun, director of the Hainan Women's and Children's Medical Center (dean), said that the application of this digital therapy product has solved the problem of jaundice monitoring after the discharge of newborns."After each maternal or family member downloads software, we will also scan our doctor's QR code and find abnormal values, and communicate online with the doctor at any time.The download method and usage method of software will be published on Internet hospitals, allowing more newborn parents to apply, and at the same time promote it to grass -roots medical institutions to strengthen the service relationship between doctors and families, which can not only reduce the threat of jaundice to children, but also canFurther prevent and treat other diseases.

  The "new means" of cognitive screening and rehabilitation training in the people's livelihood project

  Can't remember things, often forget to take medicine, can't think of the name of acquaintances, forget things you want to buy, always pay the wrong money, distinguish the date and time ... When we find that the middle -aged and elderly people around us appear such memoryWhen decline, slow response, and inaccurate attention, you should be vigilant.Cognitive function damage is often a precursor to dementia, and early intervention is critical!

  With the acceleration of the aging process, the number of dementia, mainly Alzheimer's disease, has continued to increase, seriously threatening the health and life quality of the elderly, and bring a heavy burden on family and society.Early screening, early discovery, and early intervention can effectively improve the cognitive function of the elderly, prevent dementia, and improve the quality of life.

  In 2023, Hainan Province included the screened and cognitive rehabilitation digital therapy projects of the elderly in Hainan Province in 2023, providing free screening and training services for middle -aged and elderly groups.

  Recently, the son of Haikou Elderly, Zhou Gong, helped him use this new method to test the online test of the elderly in Haiyi Office. After about 6 minutes of online Q & A, Zhou Agong was prompted to evaluate the value abnormal.Confused diagnosis.The son quickly took Zhou Agong to the hospital, and finally diagnosed Alzheimer's disease.

  The doctor said that Zhou Agong found that he was sick earlier and could conduct early rehabilitation training to help delay the development of the disease.

  Once, the elderly who need to conduct cognitive rehabilitation training must go to the hospital for treatment. Each treatment only takes 15 to 30 minutes, but the road round trip and waiting need to spend more time and energy, which makes the elderly feel very inconvenient.After returning home, the autonomous rehabilitation training is not as systematic as the hospital and lacks standardized training methods.

  Today, digital therapy not only helps Zhou Agong sieve detect Alzheimer's disease, but also helps him perform rehabilitation at home.Based on Zhou Agong's condition, the doctor matched the corresponding training content. Zhou Agong could complete rehabilitation training with mobile phone software every day.Each of his training and the situation will be directly fed back to the doctor through the software. The doctor can monitor his training in the background, and can also provide further treatment for Zhou Agong.

  Liu Tao, executive deputy director of the Medical Care Center and Senior Medical Center of Hainan Provincial People's Hospital, said that digital therapy played a good role in the screening of elderly cognitive obstacles and expanded the scope of screening."There are many sick groups and few professional doctors. It is currently the predicament of cognitive impairment diseases in China. It is necessary to do large -scale screening. It is difficult to further expand the screening crowd by one -on -one consultations."Liu Tao said that the application of digital therapy can complete the early early screening on the mobile phone. In order to facilitate some elderly people who do not understand Putonghua, some systems also have a Hainan dialect version.Questions and answers, according to the final evaluation results, judge whether further inspection is required.The background data shows that the hospital has completed the cognitive obstacle screening of more than 30,000 elderly people.

  For the application of rehabilitation, Liu Tao said that digital therapy well connected the patients, doctors and family members outside the hospital."Alzheimer's disease is not yet effective in drug treatment. Rehabilitation training is particularly important, but often after patients leave the hospital, doctors cannot monitor patients' rehabilitation training in the family. Patients lack targeted rehabilitation training methods.This is a general problem that is generally faced. "Liu Tao said that in the manner of the game, it matches the condition of different patients. As a means of rehabilitation, it is not only convenient to form, but the elderly will not feel boring. The current application feedback is very good.

  Application scenarios to grass -roots medical institutions are increasingly used

  In December 2022, with the approval of the Hainan Provincial Health and Health Commission, the Hainan Women's and Children's Medical Center established the "Autoxia Digital Therapy Center".A "teaching assistant" was given to the children's cognitive disorder rehabilitation class -a tablet specially used for autism cognitive disorder digital rehabilitation training.

  Phone with the digital rehabilitation system can have a tailor -made scientific training program after the preliminary digital assessment.At each class, as a rehabilitation teacher's auxiliary equipment, the system will automatically give the training task that day, and automatically adjust the difficulty and auxiliary level according to the child's answer.After the training of the day, the system will analyze the performance of children, and push it to the parent end in the form of training daily, and give family training assignments according to the child's performance, and automatically generate the training content of the next lesson.

  "The application of digital therapy can greatly save the time of artificial teaching and data records and calculations, and the digital system is not affected by artificial emotions, operating deviations, and past experience. It can improve the standardization of children's rehabilitation training and improve intervention efficiency."Li Ling, an expert in autism, said that digital therapy in the screening session of autism will also increase the number of screenplayers to increase.

  At present, digital therapy applications for autism have penetrated into the township health centers."We lack professional rehabilitation doctors. The training data on the tablet can be monitored by the Provincial Women and Children's Medical Center. If there is rehabilitation training and adjustment, they will directly contact the higher hospitals to allow the higher -level hospital doctors to track and intervene.Children have no way to get one -on -one rehabilitation training in the province. "Sun Aiyue, Dean of Ledong Maternal and Child Health Hospital, said that the digital therapy has entered 16 township health centers in the medical consortium.Discover the condition early at the door of the house, avoid delaying the condition, let digital therapy fly into ordinary people's homes, and show their skills in grassroots medical care.

  In addition, digital therapy has been widely used in Hainan in the prevention and treatment of chronic diseases such as diabetes and hepatitis.

  Taking clinical as an example, Hainan has identified 20 clinical trial centers to build the goal of the country's leading digital therapy clinical research demonstration base.Hainan has given many supporting support for these clinical trial centers.As of now, a number of digital therapy products have been promoted to promote the application or trial at the clinical trial centers of various digital therapy.

Digital therapy indication certificate

  Digital therapy indications often have the following characteristics:

  Most of them are chronic diseases and require long -term management.Such as diabetes, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases (coronary heart disease, stroke, hypertension), mental and psychological or respiratory diseases.There is also a type of community detoxification personnel who have abstaining reactions during detoxification.These adaptation of long -term diseases, complicated causes, health damage and social harm is serious, and digital therapy is required to be managed.

  There are many interventions after the hospital.In addition to the treatment of drugs or medical equipment, it is also necessary to cooperate with online APP, VR equipment, and physical factor combinations to make software and hardware digital therapy, and intervene in patients outside the hospital.

  There is a clear guide for evidence -based medical treatment.The treatment of digital therapy needs to be combined with clear evidence -based medicine or treatment guidelines, and it cannot be treated with individual experience.

  Patient compliance and self -management level is low.Before digital therapy comes out, the drug compliance of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, diabetes, and mental and mental diseases is relatively low. It still needs to adjust the treatment plan based on individual memories of the patient.

  Internal medicine is the main and supplemented by surgical diseases.Digital therapy emphasizes non -invasive treatment, mainly for rehabilitation management and side effects control after surgery, such as tumor chemotherapy side effects and amblyopia visual training.

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 "Number" reading Hainan Digital therapy

  At present, digital therapy is developing rapidly in the world and is on the eve of the outbreak.Several measures to accelerate the development of the digital therapy industry to accelerate the development of the digital therapy industry, and provide comprehensive support for digital therapy related clinical research demonstration base construction, product registration approval, product promotion application, payment method exploration, publicity and industrial cluster construction, standardized development and guaranteeEssence


  Construction nationwide

  Digital therapy Clinical Research Demonstration Base

  The review has identified the project of 20 digital therapy clinical trial centers, covering the clinical study of digital therapy and cognitive disorders of chronic disease management, rehabilitation, tumors, sleep, orthopedics, mental behavior and cognitive behavior, ophthalmology, nutrition, and Boao Lo City International Medical Tourism Zone.The transformation bases, including 9 professional directions, promote two digital therapy scientific research projects to obtain the National Natural Science Foundation of China, and a number of projects were selected as joint special projects of the Provincial Department of Science and Technology.


  Actively promote digital therapy product application

  By holding a digital therapy application scenario research and other activities, the intersection and enterprise work exchanges are continuously promoted.As of now, a number of digital therapy products have been promoted to promote the application or trial at the clinical trial centers of various digital therapy.Among them, the newborn jaundice monitoring digital therapy product "Nezha Baobe" of the Provincial Women and Children's Medical Center has already tried it in the Children's Health Department;"836 patients have been used, and they have been promoted and applied in many cities and counties such as Ledong, Lizhou, Wenchang;In matters, the number of digital therapy innovation application scenarios and solutions for the elderly cognitive rehabilitation and diabetes are issued and selected.


  Strengthen the construction of digital therapy industrial clusters

  By hosting activities such as the World Digital therapy Conference, China Digital Therapy Development Summit Forum, Hainan Digital Health Ecological Conference and Enterprise CEO Forum, etc., continue to promote the advantages of Hainan digital therapy policy.Land in Hainan.Among them, relying on the Hainan Ecological Software Park to set up a "Hainan Digital Medical Health Innovation Base", 28 digital therapy enterprises such as Hui, Zhilan Health, Bosteng, Vanity, and Drug Intelligence have been settled;"Haikou National High -tech Zone Digital therapy Industrial Park" has landed 15 digital therapy companies including Beijing Weiming Brain, Chongqing Huiren Health, Meigao, Shanghai Tehfen;Basic platform; relying on Haikou Fuxing City to build a digital therapy industrial base, 4 digital therapy companies including Kun Kun Technology, Beijing Kangtang, and Beijing Yuanxin Technology have been implemented; there are 7 landing in other regions and 54 in total.

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