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Yin Guoming: Putin is stabilized now, and the new pattern is opening

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  For a long time after the outbreak of the Russian and Ukraine conflict,突发新闻 the world's eyes are mainly concentrated in Europe.Because the Russian and Ukraine conflict pressed the fast -forward key of the World Change Bureau, becoming the first episode of the Centennial Change of the Drama.

  The Palestinian -Israeli conflict broke out, the second episode of the century -long change began, and the main attention of the world was concentrated in the Middle East.

  Asia -Pacific has remained stable as a whole because of Chinese sitting.If the surrounding outbreak is a serious conflict, it is naturally not good for China.No one wants to star in the first episode first.

  Those who often pay attention to geopolitics know that Europe, the Middle East, and Western Pacific are the three key strategic areas of the United States global hegemony.The security dominance of the United States in these three places jointly supports global hegemony.Lost one of them, the global hegemony of the United States will shrink into regional power.

  Therefore, the main conflicts in the World Change will concentrate in these three major areas.Other places, such as the conflict between Africa and South America, belong to the branch line.

  Although the Ukrainian battlefield is still rumbling, with the outbreak of Palestinian -Israeli conflict, the ending of the Russian -Ukraine conflict can basically be determined in advance.Therefore, Putin has a "leisure and affection" visited the Middle East and began to lay out a layout in the Middle East.

  With Putin's successful visits, the Middle East became the new game main battlefield, and it seemed to become more and more stable.This is what the United States does not want to see.

  As long as you can use the large pit that Israel digs the United States and drag the United States in the Middle East, the initiative of Russia and Ukraine's conflict is in Russia, and Putin naturally does not want to let go of such a good opportunity.


  At the beginning of the Palestinian conflict, Russia immediately felt that its pressure was reduced.

  The bad news of Ukraine has been continuous recently. The military, economic, financial and humanitarian aids promised to Ukraine from August to October this year have fallen by nearly 90%compared with the same period last year.Solid 60 billion U.S. dollars to Ukraine.

  Zeelianzki has long issued a warning: Without the United States, Ukraine will lose the war.Now this time is about to be advanced.

  The current Ukraine is like a chicken rib. It is a pity that it is tasteless, and the use value is getting lower and lower.

  The United States will find a way to find a more decent steps to stop loss in time.

  European times, which are changing to the situation, will be replaced by Asia.The Asia -Pacific and the Middle East are at both ends of the East and West in Asia. There are the two most important material foundations of the dollar here: the world's strongest industrial capabilities and the richest energy sources.

  The dominance of the United States and the status of the US dollar are likely to end in one of the Middle East and Asia -Pacific.

  At present, the situation in the Middle East is very unfavorable to the United States, and in turn, it is very beneficial to China and Russia.The global hegemony in the United States is entirely possible to fall in advance in advance. This is a win -win situation for China and Russia Islam to achieve a win -win situation without much effort, making the United States the only loser.

  Of course, whether it is the Russian -Ukraine conflict or the Israeli conflict, it will not affect the status of the Sino -US game as the main clue of the World Change Bureau.China is not a conflict, but China's role is everywhere.

  At least, without the rapid development of China's strength, it is difficult for Russia to carry a joint blow to the West in the West, the United States' control of the Middle East will not lose control, and the conflict of Palestine will not evolve into such a passive situation in the United States today.Essence

  The outbreak of Pakistani conflict this time was not in the expectations of the United States at all, completely disrupted the deployment of the United States.

  The Russian -Ukraine conflict belongs to the U.S. plan, so the United States should take the initiative to take the initiative.Even though the direction of Russia and Ukraine's conflict has not fully developed in accordance with the expectations of the United States, Russia has not been dragged down by Ukraine, nor is it jointly defeated by the United States and allies, but the United States has obtained some benefits: after all, it has interrupted the trend of Russian -Europe cooperation upgrades.It also killed the possibility of "Russia and Germany" worried by Bujetzinsky.The US oil and gas companies have made a lot of money from the European energy crisis, and the funds returning to the United States from Europe also cooperate with the US dollar rate hikes.

  Although the United States has forced Russia to the East, it has achieved the upgrade of China -Russia cooperation and further promoting the United China and Russia's union (although it is only initial). Although the profit and loss are still net losses, after all, there are still income inputs.The ledger is not too ugly.

  But Palestine's conflict, the United States could not see any income, but only paid.And the United States has no initiative, only passive.Russia and Ukraine conflict, the United States is a player; Palestine's conflict, the United States is just a chess piece.This difference is too big.

  On the 8th local time, the United States rejected the Security Council's draft resolutions for Israel and Hamas to immediately implement humanitarian ceasefire in Gaza.

  This time, the United States' hardcore Britain was not embarrassed to vote, and used a discarded ticket.After all, accompanying Israel to become the world's rivals referred to by Qianfu is a particularly dirty work. No one wants to splash themselves with a stain, or it will never be washed away.

  But the United States could not help. After the outbreak of Palestinian and Israel, the United States had squeezed their nose several times like such dirty work.Every time, the image and soft power of the United States are severely damaged once.

  Moreover, the bad performance of the United States has repeatedly riding on their faces by Iran and Husseng in the Middle East, so that Saudi countries such as Saudi Arabia, which originally expected the United States to provide military protection and offset Shi Obi -resistant arcs, and their confidence in the United States.Also reduced.The U.S. military has to endure the humiliation and beating, and dare to look forward to being a qualified bodyguard when he needs it?

  In this way, since Saudi Arabia and other countries have entrusted security in the United States, they have influenced the joint upgrade of China, Russia (Lang) to the biggest obstacles of Sino -Russian, Iraq (Snlam), and almost eliminated half of it.


  At this moment, Putin went to the Middle East to visit the Boss Saudi Arabia and the second Emirates of the UAE, giving the world a greater imagination.

  It is not particularly important, it is not worth running on Putin.If it is just a matter of oil production, you can get a deputy prime minister responsible for energy.

  The meeting between Saudi Arabia and the UAE and Putin, before the outbreak of Pakistani conflict, Saudi Arabia invited Israeli ministers to visit, the difference between the attitude and position between this is too great.As for how much this shows that Saudi Arabia has become a more inclined standing team from the wall between China and Russia and the United States, we don't have to worry about conclusions and can be observed through time.

  The United States is naturally unhappy.Originally, the United States had led allies to work hard to isolate Russia from diplomacy, and issued an arrest warrant for Putin through the International Criminal Court. One of the goals was to cooperate with the restrictions on the restrictions on Putin's diplomacy.Previously, in addition to Russia's European Asian Alliance countries, only China broke the isolation of Putin's visit to the United States.Now Saudi Arabia does this. What do you think of the United States?

  So this time the American media fried pot.The changes in the trend are keenly perceived.

  Moreover, Putin returned to Russia as soon as he finished visiting Saudi Arabia and the UAE, and met with the President of Iran.

  From the perspective of standing in the United States, looking at Putin's lightning diplomacy, the mentality is easy to be anxious. Americans will naturally think about it first: 1. Putin will go to the Middle East this time to do big things.2. It must be targeted at me.

  What Americans are most afraid of now is that a large country is more directly involved in the Middle East affairs, because the Middle East has the US dollar.

  Now the resistance organization supported by Iran has caused the Americans to have a headache. The two aircraft carriers have sent it. The deterrence effect in the expectation did not see it.The US ship launched an attack and intercepted the merchant ship related to Israel under the U.S. eyelids.


  If there is a big country to stand up, it provides an endorsement support for Islamic countries. The difficulty of anti -United States will not only consolidate the united front.

  The United States originally wanted to use the reconciliation between Israel and Saudi Arabia to drive the normalization of Sunni countries to achieve the relationship between Israel and Israel, and once again provoked the battle between Sunni and Shiites.Standing on your own side, at least half of the Middle East Jiangshan is still under his own control, barely to maintain the oil dollar.These follow -up plans are naturally slim.

  If so, there is no possibility of winning the United States in the Middle East.

  The current strength of the United States can only draw a faction, and use force to force it. There is no extra resources to forcibly suppress Iran. At most, it is to bully Syria.Therefore, the United States is particularly afraid that Sunni and Shiites to deal with Israel abandon their former suspects, even if it is temporary, it will greatly challenge the strategic interests of the United States in the United States.

  Therefore, we say that we are not afraid of the United States now, but that the Emperor is afraid of us.

  As long as all parties have cooperated tacitly to play their respective roles, they are now dragging the United States in the Middle East and rubbing on the ground without much difficulty.

  Anyway, the United States has not made trouble around us.

  In terms of economic and trade, through Moody's credit rating, it is only one of them to cooperate with the US government and public opinion singing and shorting China.

  On December 1st, the US Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Energy announced the temporary guidance policy, stipulating that starting from 2024, electric cars containing the so -called "receiving foreign entities" (FEOC) battery componentTax credits.According to US government documents, FeoC targets Chinese, Russia, North Korea and Iran.The direction of this regulation in the United States cannot be more obvious.

  On December 2nd, the US Minister of Commerce Raymond publicly said that China is the biggest threat to the United States rather than a friend. "We must not allow China to obtain cutting -edge chips and provide them with the most cutting -edge technology."

  It can be seen that the United States neither wants to open the US market to China's outstanding companies nor gives up to curb China.The trade war, scientific and technological war, and financial war are not stopped in the United States.

  In terms of military, there are a lot of movements in the United States:

  On December 4, the American Binhai battleship broke into the waters near the Nansha Renai Reef to help the Philippines repair the warships in Renai Reef.

  Then on December 6, a P-8A patrol aircraft in the United States passed the Taiwan Strait and publicly speculated.


  In addition, the Taiwan Defense Department has recently announced that the United States and Taiwan have reached an agreement on the purchase of missiles, with a amount of 551 million US dollars.

  These actions in the United States are sufficient to explain that the nature of the United States is still the nature of the robber that is not available. It has no intention of the ease of Sino -US relations, and it will not give up the containment of China.

  Therefore, it is not necessary to be affected by some surface gestures made by the United States, seize the weakness and lifemen of the United States, and jointly anti -dominant power to make more articles in the Middle East, so that the essence of the United States to expose its paper tiger faster and more.After the operation, it can even force the United States to abandon Taiwan as a chess piece.

  Only by letting the United States have no way to make sense, will the United States say a little.

  In the previous article, we said that the exposure of the United States in the Middle East is the real mentality of the United States. The United States performed a little bit from time to time because it feels that we will not be true to him. This is what we say psychological warfare.EssenceThe United States wants to cover up in the Middle East through tough performances in the Asia -Pacific. The United States wants to get what it is not worthy of psychological tactics, and this opportunity cannot give it.

  Tai Chi is our long item. Time is on our side. The United States is really afraid of dragging, but from time to time, a few iron rods are swept away to make the world more clearly see the United States' internal and inside, and it is also necessary.

  The world is bitter and beautiful, and the world needs confidence.We should give the world such confidence, and then we can strive to achieve "the same strength in the world and the earth", unite more forces, let the United States fall into isolation as soon as possible, and reduce the time and cost of the rise of the Chinese nation?