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Expand your movie list: 10 excellent unpopular movies

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It's about to pass in 2023. How many movies did you watch this 惊爆资讯year?

Today, let's take a look at the high -scoring niche movies released during 2023.

Make sure that each one is "great", so that you can't forget it for a long time!

Come and count it, do you have a movie you have watched?

The truth of marriage brought out of death

"Analysis of the Death of Falling"


Douban score: 8.5

Director: Rostin Terier

This film is the Golden Palm Award winner of the Cannes Film Festival this year. It also has another translation, "Falling Trial".

The story of this film began a case falling together. A man fell from the window of his loft, and the wife of the deceased was the biggest suspect.

Is he suicide or died of his wife?

In the trial and verification, the children of the deceased's children, his wife, and friends were involved in this case. The new evidence continued to appear. With many trials, the truth gradually surfaced.

And this film seems to be a suspense case, but itThe core lies in the family relationship between the husband and wife of the deceased.

Different education of children, deviations about each other, and longing for life ...

The marriage dilemma of the middle -aged husband and wife shown in the film happens to fit the pain points of many contemporary families.

It is the analysis of the marriage life of general suspense films that make this film praise all over the world.

It is worth mentioning that there are several court play in the film that are super exciting. When the heroine defends himself, there are many golden sentences related to the values of life, which is worth watching again ~

Graduate graduate

"The next Suxi"

South Korea

Douban score: 8.3

Director: Zheng Julie

"Clear and stupid" young people who are not involved in the world can only become "soft persimmons in the workplace"?

This film is about the lively girl with a dream school, who is a lively girl with a dream of love, but lost her life under the pressure of high -intensity work.

After learning about the case, the hot -blooded female police officer Wu Yan always wanted to check the water and stones, but in the end, she found that Su Xi's death was caused by the long -standing system of society. She had nowhere to account for accountability.

Su Xi's life had to be so endless, and who was the next Su Xi?

"Ghost Film" can also be funny

"What about me and ghosts into family members"

Taiwan, China

Douban score: 8.1

Director: Cheng Weihao

Hilo the thunder, Xu Guanghan ran naked and jumping in "Dancer" late at night!

"The incident of me and the ghost into a family", as the name suggests, is about the actor Wu Minghan, coincidentally and a "ghost" hairy hairy that has been dead.

Wu Minghan and Mao Mao, who have the opposite personality, were forced to get along under such a "inclusive marriage".

In the "harm of each other" of chicken flying dogs, they also began to understand each other and became family members who really cared about each other.

The cause of Mao Mao's death, with their joint efforts, was gradually discovered, which also caused another major case to surface ...

This film also discusses the seemingly heavy topic of death, intergenerational affection, and same -sex marriage, but it is humorous and funny. It is very suitable for watching late at night in EMO. It makes people cry and laugh.

The absurd dream of growth

"What kind of life do you want to live?"


Douban score: 8.0

Director: Hayao Miyazaki

Yes, you read it right. Our childhood memories of Miyazaki Miyazaki have new works.

This film tells a teenager. Under the multiple blows of the changes in World War II and the huge family, he encountered a speaking blue heron, "repeatedly jumped" between reality and dreams, and started an adventure.

Because most of the film is showing the spiritual world of teenagers, it seems chaotic and absurd, and it is difficult to summarize what stories it tells in words.

In short, in the context of such a man's heart, like a utopian in the background of such a fantasy world, like such a person's heart, support the heart of the teenager.

As for the metaphor and expression behind it, everyone can give different interpretations after watching the movie.

What kind of life do you want to live?

The world is rotten, everyone is sewing to make up, and Hayao Miyazaki's ability to heal people's hearts is still familiar.

There are always youth and messy chapters


France (China)

Douban score: 8.0

Director: Wang Bing

This is a documentary, which truly records the youth spent by many young people in the lathe and broken fabrics.

In the Chinese children's clothing production base, there are more than 18,000 large and small children's clothing factories. Accordingly, there are countless young workers from other places struggling to survive in these factories.

They have tremendous pressure on life and struggle daily in the harsh living environment and work tasks.

This group of bottom -level workers sprinkled their youth in such a "dirty and messy" working space. In the laughter, there were how helplessness and faint pain.

There are 212 minutes in the film. There are no major plots, only the daily life of a group of young people with rare and looseness, "too real".

After watching the movie, this hidden pain in normal life really makes people long and long.

Speechless and powerful

"Huizi, Gaze"


Douban score: 7.9

Director: Sanzu

The heroine of this movie is a deaf and dumb, but at the same time, she is also an amateur boxer.

I couldn't hear the sound on the field, and I couldn't communicate normally with people. Coupled with the pressure of my job, Huizi's boxing career was hard.

The arrival of the epidemic makes it difficult for the boxing hall to operate, and Hui Zi's boxing coach has also been found to have a health problem.

In this heavy blow, Hui Zi has shaken his boxing hobbies, but in the end, his dream still defeated the difficulties of reality.

Hui Zi was still eager to feel sweat when he was punching, and he still struggled on the boxing field.

As an inspirational sports film, "Huizi, Gaze" not only achieves inspiration, but also shows the powerful power of deaf and dumb athletes in the silent world.

Literature and mountain fire

"Red Sky"


Douban score: 7.7

Director: Christian Pacuohard

This film is the silver bear prize winner of the Berlin Film Festival. It is said that when the film festival was released, the jury was stunning.

The story of "Red Sky" revolves around a straight male writer who has no talent but has a high self -esteem.

In order to find inspiration for easy creation, he came to a remote seaside and met three friends.

Said to be a friend, in fact, the actor is still self -proclaimed in his heart, and some look down on these seemingly ordinary locals.

However, with the visit of the editor, the actor discovered that he was the most ignorant and ordinary in front of these friends.

At the same time, a forest fire is attacking the areas where they live. Where should many young people go?

This film tells the story from the perspective of the actor. Those uncomfortable, angry, or "Puxin" emotions are extremely delicate and interesting, and it is worth seeing.

The cost of climbing is to lose the past life

"Past Life"


Douban score: 7.6

Director: Celine Song

What kind of choice would you make when you encounter Qingmei bamboo horses in a foreign country?

The heroine of this film is a American Asian. She left her hometown to survive in the United States. She also had her husband and a stable family. However, in such a foreign country, she reunited with a beautiful bamboo horse in her hometown.

The peaceful life was interrupted, and a pair of former lover, now they can only get along with the ground and recall their past life.

In this movie, the creator is also using the love plot to tell the delicate and real mood changes on the road.

Leaving everything to abandon everything, walk into marriage for the green card, and pursue greater kingdoms and greater dreams.

But this dream is really realized on this seemingly opportunistic land in the United States?Is it really worth the effort and sacrifice?

Really "female boxing" is here

"Wheat Invasion"

China Hong Kong

Douban score: 7.2

Director: Chen Cuimei

This film is a self -directed work of director Chen Cuimei.

The story tells in the form of "play in the play". Miyamoto Musashi's dueling story, the shooting of action movies, and interaction with the realistic parent -child relationship in reality are full of "barbaric" characteristics everywhere.

How can a woman cognit self -awareness of self and break through the identity of themselves?

This film shows all these social issues in the brutal fighting, allowing the audience to feel themselves in the dull plot of segmented.

It can be said that this film is a commercial practice of a literary film. The evaluation given by the audience has also controversially controversial. You can feel it yourself ~

The city is full of loneliness

"Light of White Tower"

Chinese mainland

Douban score: 7.1

Director: Zhang Lu

In the Beijing city, everyone is busy, Gu Weitong, a lonely gourmet column writer, has strongly lonely photographer Ouyang Wenhui.

"Two lonely souls meet each other", and the two "i people" reveal their past scars and grow in the process of getting along.

The film is full of literary and artistic tones, and the middle -aged people's inexplicable living conditions are more lonely and complicated in the city of Beijing.

In addition, the relationship between the actor and his father in the movie is also a highlight. How can the old things brought by his father, how should the actor face it?

As a literary film, this movie has unsur pronged films and poor box office from the theater. If you are interested in this middle -aged art style, you can support this domestic literary film.

Did you watch the top ten movies this year?

In 2023, which one is your "best year" movie?Come and comment area for everyone ~

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